Commit 6f88d641 authored by Tony Laidig's avatar Tony Laidig Committed by Sean Barbeau

add gtfs-rt-printer (#108)

parent db3c7be2
......@@ -273,6 +273,7 @@ Converters from various static schedule formats to and from GTFS.
#### GTFS Realtime Utilities
- [gtfs-rt-dump]( - Converts protocol buffer format to plain text for easy viewing of a GTFS-realtime feed in plain text (for debugging purposes)
- [GTFS-realtime Printer]( Java-based utility to print out information from a GTFS-realtime file or URL.
- [GTFS-realtime Munin Plugin]( - Provides a [Munin]( plugin for logging information about a GTFS-realtime feed.
- [GTFS-realtime Nagio Plugin]( - Provides a [Nagios]( plugin for monitoring a GTFS-realtime feed
- [GTFS-realtime-test-service]( - A tool for mocking GTFS-realtime feed content (e.g., for use in testing a GTFS-realtime consuming application)
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