Commit 37fb971a authored by Mehdi Sadeghi's avatar Mehdi Sadeghi Committed by Sean Barbeau

Rename osmtogtfs to o2g (#130)

parent 3cfb6af9
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ Converters from various static schedule formats to and from GTFS.
- [osm2gtfs]( - Turn OpenStreetMap data and schedule information into GTFS.
- [GTFS-OSM-Sync]( - A Java tool for synchronizing data in GTFS format with [](
- [onebusaway-gtfs-to-barefoot]( - A Java tool to create a [Barefoot]( mapfile from a GTFS file.
- [osmtogtfs]( - Python 3 script that exports GTFS feed from OpenStreetMap data.
- [o2g]( - A simple tool to extract GTFS feed from OpenStreetMap.
- [transloc-gtfs-rectifier]( - Python application that attempts to assign GTFS stop_ids to [TransLoc]( IDs using [TransLoc's API]( ([TransLoc]( doesn't provide GTFS `stop_ids` in their API).
- [Hafas2GTFS]( - Hafas2GTFS converter written in Python, optimized for SBB HAFAS feeds.
- [gtsf]( - general transit (GTFS) simple (geographic) features (sf) in R. can be used to convert from GTFS to Shapefile, GeoJSON, and other formats through GDAL.
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