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Update documentation to explain the limitations applied to Gmail accounts

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......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ In order to have access to most features on Gitlab, such as uploading data, you
You can also directly sign in with a user account on or, if you already have one there, at the bottom of the page.
:warning: Since Gmail tend to be used for spamming, accounts linked to a Gmail email address will have limited functionality on the Gitlab Resource Center. Please use your professional account or another email provider to register. [Contact the administrators]( to request a special authorisation or for any other request.
If you've successfuly registered an account and logged in, you'll see your username by clicking on the menu at top right corner:
......@@ -123,4 +125,4 @@ Gitlab repositories are categorized in several [public groups](https://git.digit
If you want too add a repository you've created to one public group, please contact an administrator.
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