Commit 3d9b03d6 authored by Mohamed HEGAZY's avatar Mohamed HEGAZY
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Apply suggestion to places.json

parent 6a04f4af
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
"iconClass": "Drop",
"iconUrl": "/uploads/pictogram/rail-24-white.png"
"name": "Abidjan",
"name": "Djibouti",
"description": "**Objective**\n« Mapping of the paratransit transport network in Djibouti » \n\n**Description**\nProject launched in 2019 for the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport of Djiboti, financed by [|World Bank Group]], realized by Tamara kherzenr.\n\n[[|Repository]] \n",
"_umap_options": {
"color": "indigo",
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